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Siguldas Piedzīvojumu Parks TARZĀNS

Sigulda Tarzans Obstacle Park consists of 10 tracks and 140 different obstacles placed on trees up to 20 meters above the ground. The location of our park is on the slope of the Gauja river valley , in Gauja national park. It will be interesting and exciting for children and adults!
Get ready for adventure – in our park you can  go by a bike and a snowboard on a rope, but the Power track will make you sweat. In its turn, the romantics may enjoy the Tyrolean track with 14 rope rides, the longest of them - 220 m. Kids will enjoy Tarzans children park with two different obstacle tracks located on the trees up to 2 metres high, which are specially suitable for our youngest visitors, 3-6 years old. Kids need to be supported by adults along the path.

Obstacle park is equipped with a newest safety system of Swiss company Kanopeo providing that each visitor of the park is continuously attached to a safety rope during the whole course thereby your adventure will be safe.

In Sigulda Adventure park Tarzans you will also find a lot of different attractions like the longest tubbogan (rodel) track, chair lift with an amazing view across the Gauja valley, an open-air trampoline park,the giant swing, crazy roller, catapult, shooting area, Safari park and many others…

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Siguldas Piedzīvojumu Parks TARZĀNS K 2020-10-01 10:00 Sigulda, Peldu 1 (Siguldas pilsētas slēpošanas trase), Sigulda 8.20 - 51.20
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Bilietai galioja iki spalio 1 d.
Amžiaus cenzas: nuo 3 m.
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Tarzāns SIA
Stacijas iela 26a LV-2150 Sigulda
+371 27001187
Įmonės kodas: 40103911551
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Pirkti bilietą Daugavpils Piedzīvojumu Parks TARZĀNS UžsienyjeUžsienyjeDaugavpils Piedzīvojumu Parks TARZĀNS 6.20 - 51.20
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