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Multimedia exhibitions: The Great Modernists / Van Gogh / Gustav Klimt

S 2020-10-18 11:00
8.20 - 13.20
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Digital Art House has now moved into a new place and keeps on working!

Last summer, you witnessed the opening of a unique multimedia exhibition of animated paintings by the Great Modernists "From Monet to Kandinsky" in Dome Square in Riga.
Due to the huge success, the pop-up exposition was prolonged 4 times, and as a result, it found a permanent location in Riga –a building, located at the intersection of  Skolas and Elizabetes streets  - known as the former Essential club or earlier -  Pionieris cinema.
In the new multimedia art center created by Digital Art House, there are now three expositions of animated paintings available for viewing:

 “Van Gogh” - Experience for Vincent Van Gogh’s artwork admirers.

“The Great Modernists: From Monet To Kandinsky” – for those who missed the exhibition on Dome Square, those who want to see it again or to recommend it to friends - because it's a must see!
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